Short Term (Vacation Rental) Management

Are you ready to book more guests and at the same time relieve the stress of managing your unit?

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We offer a tiered approached to Vacation rental Management for your units.  Depending on the help you desire we can tailor our services to manage them

Our services include:

Full Service – 100% Management

  • Advertise on up to 50 available channels like AirBnB, VRBO, Homeaway, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and, etc
    • We are Premier Partners on Homeaway, SuperHosts on AirBnB and Genius Partners on – use our reputation to make you money!
    • We maintain a Master Synced calendar across all the sites so you never get the dreaded dual booking.
    • We also have a strong web presence for guests to book direct!


  • Maintain all aspects of the property including Utilities, landscaping, maintenance and repairs, and housekeeping
    • Everything is done for you.  We mow the lawn, take out the trash, water the plants etc. and pay the bills directly from your account. You just sit back and collect your check for your revenue each month.Zero Effort required!


  • We track and handle all TAXES related to your rental.
    • There are 3-5 different tax entities (depending on your location) in the Pikes Peak Region each of which need their own tax returns and payments


  • We handle all guest relations and communications from Booking through Check-in and from Check-out through the  review process
    • Never worry about managing the timeline for your guests.
    • We offer a Guest App for each guest to monitor the details of their stay including recommendations for restaurants and activities!


  • We monitor guest access from Check-in to Check-out. And we inspect for damages immediately upon checkout.  We handle the claims for you!
    • You never need meet guests if you like, we provide a Smart lock system that allows us to issue unique codes to each guest for access.  Once they leave the codes are deleted preventing any further access.
    • We handle all details of the Claims process if there is any damage to your unit. we can also provide for replacement goods (do the shopping) should the need arise.


  • We can help with interior design, decorating, furnishing and maintaining your rental should you desire.
    • Our experienced staff can help you streamline your unit for best returns.


  • We provide Monthly reporting as well as an Owner App for you to monitor activity in real time.
    • Use the App to book a getaway for yourself or your own personal guests – its your unit use it your way!
    • Use the app to see who is staying in your unit today, next week, next month etc.  The full calendar shows you what is happening now!


  • We Provide excellent housekeepers and inspectors to clean the unit between guests.  You never have to lift a finger
    • We even provide the cleaning supplies and consumables (coffee, bottled water, chocolate, etc.)


  • We manage all aspects of your Online presence such as Reviews on the various sites.
  • Much More!  We want you to feel that no-one could do it better!

Tiered services – pick and choose from the services above to get help where you want it, and do the things you want to keep under your control.  We are here to help.

Call us at 719.232.3395 and ask for John or email us at